About AS

Adey Soile

 “There is nothing more rare, more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself, comfortable in her perfect imperfection”…

We are a female apparel brand that embraces and celebrates women and the woman form because we understand that being a woman today is difficult.

This generation of working women do not have the same challenges their mothers, grandmothers and generations before them did. Women now can work, vote, are elected to senior management positions in major companies; and even own our very successful businesses.


But society is relentless. Now that we have conquered the basics, the expectations are higher. Women are judged by a different set of rules.  Are you zero or plus sized? The talk about statistics? (Bust, waist, hips). How quickly can you get back in shape after having a baby? What is the shade of our black?  The price of the things you own?

Being a woman today is difficult! And we at Adey Soile get that.


We understand the constant strife for perfection and accomplishment. But if there is anything the Stepford wives taught us, it is that perfection is unnatural. This is why we are a line that embraces and celebrates you.  All of you.

We know you are intelligent and passionate, yet vulnerable and beautiful. Feminine and attractive, yet

strong and confident. We know all this, now let us help you look it.

The concept of the Adey woman is very simple.

She is the woman you see on her way to work, driving and putting on her mascara, but still coming into the office building looking stunning. She enters business meetings, already looking like she won the deal and unsurprisingly slays it. She is the woman who rushes home to her husband and manages to tuck in her kids. She’s part of the chic group of girls who you can’t ignore at the bar having cocktails, laughing, living and looking good doing it.

Creative Director: Tinuade Soile​

It’s deliberate. How our clothes appeal to your sophisticated side.

It is because we are dedicated to bringing out the best in you.

We have revolutionized the working woman’s wardrobe.

We are where adventurous meets elegant; Luxury meets comfort.

We are the chic and edgy modern day woman.

We are Adey Soile.

Wear Nigerian.

Wear Adey.